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Like Dino Was Vegetarian

The researchers explored the area further and excavated even more fossils. At first they thought the bones belonged to multiple species, but they found four complete Chilesaurus skeletons, providing strong evidence that the combination of unique anatomical features belonged to a single species.10 Unbelievable Dinos That Really ExistedThe dinosaur grew up to 10 feet long and was a member of the typically two legged theropod group of dinos that included some of the world’s most iconic meat eaters, such as Velociraptor and Carnotaurus, in addition to Tyrannosaurus.Instead of chomping into meat, Chilesaurus could munch on plants either by directly accessing them via its long neck or by stuffing them into its horny beaked mouth with cheap jerseys outlet its short T rex resembling forelimbs. Its leaf shaped teeth could then chew the plant materials into a swallow ready mass.Novas and his team believe that the earliest theropods started off as carnivores before some evolved towards an all plant diet. Chilesaurus wasn’t the only wholesale cheap nfl jerseys such herbivore. Limusaurus also veered toward veggies, probably due to ecological pressures and because plants were likely abundant cheap nfl jerseys in its cheap jerseys environment.Articles Connexes: